Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yet Another Nail Blog, Yay!

It all started with Russian Navy. I stumbled into the OPI rack at my local grocery store (yeah I know they're not authorized retailers, but that's where it started). It's now about 4 months and lots and lots of nail polish blog reading later. These months have been full of lemmings, impulse buys, and self-chastisement for buying so many polishes at once. But I can't stop. It's turned into an obsession to the point that I ask random people what they have on. And then buy it at the nearest store. I drove around on Saturday to 4 different stores searching for an OPI color I wasn't even certain I wanted (I Vant to Be A-Lone Star in case you were wondering, and I did buy it - couldn't resist). So I created this blog as an outlet for that obsession, and I've decided to focus it on what I found most frustrating, which is finding good swatches of colors. You often can't tell what a polish will really look like, and so many blogs show pics of the bottle, but they don't show it on. Pics will be uploaded soon, and I'm going to try to work my way through the ones I own (and the ones i am currently having shipped to me....). I hope to do some comparisons as well, since you can't always tell the color what with cameras and different computer brightnesses. So. Happy hunting, welcome to my blog, and hold on tight, because crazy lemmings are fully expected.

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