Friday, May 20, 2011

Am I doing this wrong?!

So I'm polish hunting (a regular activity), and I've decided I'd like to buy one really nice shade from Chanel just to compare application and see the awesomeness that is Chanel. And I didn't see anything I loved, so I headed over to Dior. Again with the passable fare, but I did see a shade I thought was interesting in their regular collection. Vernis 207, Golden Era. As is my routine, I did a Google image search for swatches of this color. And nothing came up. So I regular Google searched for blog reviews. Again nothing. Now this isn't listed as a new polish or limited edition, it's on Dior's own website as part of the regular collection, and there are absolutely no blogs about it? According to Google, it doesn't even exist. So after some fancy searching, I found Dior Vernis 207 - Sparkling Bergamot. On this website. In another language. So I double checked that I didn't somehow manage to get to the Dior Asia website, but no, still Dior USA. So I figured, hey, maybe they changed the name, and searched for Dior "Sparkling Bergamot". And still nothing. There's one other website with a pic of lots of bottles and it's listed there, but no swatches of Sparkling Bergamot or Golden Era. Which is just strange. And I feel like I must be doing something simple wrong. But it was pretty frustrating. And Dior needs to get on that name change thing or whatever it is that's going on. Because now I'm just confused. And failed in my search for an awesome polish. **disappointed sigh**

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