Monday, May 23, 2011

Aye, Aye, Cap'n

First off, please ignore how horribly messy my application is. I'm trying to have "proper procedure" which means keeping away from the nail beds. So it's probably going to take me a few tries to relearn how to paint nails....gahhh. Anyways. This is China Glaze First Mate. As previously mentioned, I bought it because it looked like Tardis blue to me (a Doctor Who reference if you're not aware) and it's just a gorgeous green-toned blue. And it thought it would look beautiful on my nails.

It's bigger on the inside. (picture from here)

Anyways. So here are my nails looking like a strange police box. Or just looking pretty if you have no clue what I'm on about. Turns out it's a gorgeous color. I was a little apprehensive when I first put it on because it is a little dull, but it's a good work color. Dark without being anywhere close to black, and colorful without being distracting.

It really is a good, subtle, classy color with a strong hit of blue. That's it in the sunlight.

And down here is the shade. A nice blue with greenish undertones. I'm thinking it'll be close to Roadhouse Blues when OPI comes out with their Touring America collection this fall.

Sneak Preview: I got three colors from KOH, a company in The Netherlands today. This is what happens when polishes arrive - my thumb is the instant victim. One side is gorgeous red, there's a hint of matte pink peeking out the middle, but the showstopper is the silver holo on this side. So beautiful I couldn't keep my eyes off of my half a thumbnail. Obviously it's over top of First Mate, so the red is a little wonky, but there will be full shots tomorrow. yay, shiny!

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