Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do You Rumple's Wiggin' It?

So I recently bought the Shrek 4-pack of Miniatures, which includes What's With the Cattitude, Who the Shrek Are You, Fiercely Fiona, and Rumple's Wiggin'. I have to admit, I was the most excited about Rumple's Wiggin', which has to be the most annoying name to type repeatedly. There are just so many apostrophes, and it's a strange name. Anyways, I LOVE this color. I think it's what I expected Do You Lilac It to be. So I did a comparison!

RW on ring and index, DYLI on middle and pinky

You can clearly see that Rumple's Wiggin' is lighter, and much closer to what I would call lilac. I think Do You Lilac It is more like a lavender. But OPI does seem to make polish names more for entertainment value than for actual descriptive uses. These colors look more alike in my pictures than they actually are. I think there was some reflection of the colors off each other. I'd say the best representatino of DYLI is the right side of the middle finger, and RW is the left side of the ring finger.

I thought I would love DYLI, but I'm really just lukewarm for it. RW really fills my light purple lemming, so I'm thinking I'll buy a big bottle of that if I see it. I still have Funkey Dunkey on its way, so I guess I'm in a full-blown purple trend right now.

I happen to have flowers that match these colors! I was hoping to do a wisteria-inspired reverse french manicure, but the wisteria blooms disappeared before I got the right purple. I still might do it with Dunkey and Wiggin', but I don't have the flower-inspired background anymore.

The mini RW looks almost white in the bottle, but it's pretty definitely purple. DYLI is a deep purple, and still nice, but I don't think it quite works for my skintone. It did take 3 coats of RW to reach opacity, and it was still a little rough looking before I applied Essie Good to Go topcoat, but that stuff is so great, it smoothed out the whole thing. DYLI is two coats with topcoat, but it was pretty smooth by itself. A big part could be the smaller OPI bottle and brush for RW, but I think it's a thinner polish to begin with, probably because of the super-light color.

Here's a picture of Rumple's Wiggin' all by its lonesome. This is actually pretty close to the actual shade. Don't you love?!

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