Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dutch Invasion

My nail polish collection just went international! I fell in LOVE with KOH Red! and while ordering from the Dutch website, I slyly convinced myself that it would be cheaper to buy three...it makes sense if you don't think about it. Anyways, I ordered Red!, Flamingo Matt!, and Platinum Silver! The names all have exclamation points, and I can see why - these colors are gorgeous! They apply a little strange. Not thick, not goopy, but not what I'm used to; but they level out really well and smooth, so it's not an issue. The bottle is really well-designed - the top is thin and easy to handle when you're painting. Plus they come with their own little lipstick-style case for each one. On to the polishes!!!
KOH Red! is beautiful. It's a gorgeous, dark, lipstick red. I have an issue with red polishes, because they never look good with my skintone. I think I need a blue-toned red, and this fits the bill. It's the perfect simple, elegant red without being orange-toned.

KOH Red!


Next up is Flamingo Matt! which I think should be "matte", but that's what the label says. It totally reminds me of a flamingo (picture from here). It's in a frosted bottle, so I think it's supposed to be more matte, but it's shown below without a top coat, so you can see that's it's definitely not matte. It was less shiny than the Red!, so maybe it's more of a satin than a matte. It was pretty tricky to capture the color, but it's pinker than it looks here. Like a neon pick with definite orange influences. Almost a bright coral. I sometimes have problems with pinks too, but this one is going to be PERFECT for the summer without looking like a Barbie doll's dream polish.

Now Platinum Silver! is the surprise amazingness from this bunch. I ordered it because I like silver polishes, and I had no clue of the holographic awesomeness that is Platinum Silver! It's a rainbow on your nails. And unlike some holos, it doesn't require a special basecoat. I did absolutely no clean-up on this, so it's kinda messy, but I was just so excited to take pictures. (edit: it was hard to do my nondominant hand w/o leaving bald patches. I ended up just dolloping it on the nail and letting it settle smoothly, so it would probably work better if you used a base coat - but you can do it without.)

look at those rainbows!

and again

It still looks like a nice silver indoors. Even with artificial light, it still prisms a little bit and shows some rainbow.

The shipping on these was kind of expensive, but it was very fast considering it was international. I'm overall pleased, and I'd definitely buy from them again. I'm so excited about the rainbow foil-like nails. It's everything I ever wanted from a holo.

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