Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Rare Neon

I've been distracted the past week and a half with vacation and exams and Mother's day, but I have NOT been slacking in the nail painting. I have a bunch of pictures from this past week, and I won't inundate you with all of them, but I am going to share a few of my favorites right now.
I've been looking for a good yellow. It's so hard because most of them are streaky or just a strange shade, or super-sheer. I thought I had a winner in Nfu Oh FS-01, but I didn't count on it being a jelly. More on that later, but luckily, I had gone crazy and ordered Illamasqua's Rare at the same time.....yeah, I online purchased two neon yellow polishes in the same day, what about it? I can't escape my obsessions. Anyways, I'm so glad I did because I'm in love with this color.

The beds are a little messy, but that's my fault. I applied this in the airport while waiting for a friend to arrive, so it's surprising that it's not smeared all over. Application was a dream, and I'm Jonesing to try more from Illamasqua.

What's classier than a lychee martini with bright neon yellow nails?

This isn't even the money-shot. These are truly neon, which means they glow under blacklight. It came as quite a surprise one night, but I didn't manage to get a shot. You can see how they show up even in dim light above. Imagine having glowing yellow nails in an otherwise dark club. It was shocking and pleasant in such a fun way.

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