Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some Shoe Obsession

So I have an obsession with shoes. And I didn't realize how deep it went until I happened to paint my nails in an exact replica of my purple Steve Madden heels.
This is OPI's Do You Lilac It, which is a gorgeous light purple. I covered it with Wet n Wild glitter. Forget the name, but I'll look it up when I get home. It cost $0.69. Really. 69 cents for an awesome glitter. It's a little thick , but there's a whole lot of glitter in there. Sometimes you get glitters that barely come out of the bottle. Well this is not one of those. It's super-glitter. Glitter for everyone.

The basic mani. 2 coats Lilac It, 1 coat Wet n Wild Glitter, no top coat. The chip is my fault. I'm not a patient person, and messed it when it wasn't dry yet.

You can see the prismatic effect of the glitter. I don't think it's truly holo, but it's definitely shooting off rainbows.

Close-up of the glitter

The light's a little bright, but I actually painted my nails before remembering I had these awesome shoes. How do I forget such awesome shoes, you ask? They live in my "special shoes" pile where I keep them in a box to protect them. That means I don't wear them to the grocery store like my other 5-inch heels ;)

You can see the comparison. Obviously I like certain things a lot, and lilac with glitter is one of them.

Edit: the glitter is Wet 'n Wild Kaleidoscope

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