Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunset and Happiness in a Jar

So I'm totally slacking on the polish picture-taking. I have special nails. They're magical. Everything I put on them runs away as fast as possible. I've never been able to get nail polish to stay on longer than a day or so without chipping. Which means that with my newfound obsession I paint them pretty much every night. or every two if I'm lucky. The crackle polishes are good at covering up chips, so those may last a blessed three days before I have to take it all off and start over again. I've tried Chip Skip, and I'm currently doing the whole OPI Nail Envy regimen to get them stronger and longer hoping that might help with the chippiness, but I don't have much faith. Therefore, what with changing polishes about every two days, I'm certainly slacking on the polish-posting. In my defense, I did think my camera was broken for a week (turns out it was just me being silly, but still). Anyways. I will eventually be posting pics of some of my staples, which are very non-sparkly/shimmery, but gorgeous nonetheless. Russian Navy, Blue My Mind, this Wet n Wild Silver that I've had forever and completely love. But for now, you get sunshine and happiness, yay!

This is OPI's Oh So Glam which I received in my first MakeUpAlley swap. It went swimmingly, and this pretty vintage yellow shimmer is the result. I wasn't completely sold on this color when I got it, but I'm definitely feeling it now. It has the semi-shock effect of white nails, but then it has the slight yellow hue and the shimmer. This is three coats, and it definitely needed it. There's still a hint of smile line if you look closely. But you won't because of the shiny Nubar 2010. So I have a Nfu Oh flakie, and then I have this Nubar 2010, and I have so say, I love the Nubar so much more.

You can actually see the Nubar shimmer a bit in this one. What I love about it is the almost glitter-size of the flakes. There are some slightly bigger flakes, but the majority are non-circular flakes the size of glitter. And I love the non-conformity of the shapes because it has a very natural and non-contrived feel. The flakes go well without having to work at it.

This is a pic of the mani indoors with flash. It looks pretty white, but a little of that vintage-y yellow again. This really has grown on me with time. I got lucky yesterday and managed to get some pictures in front of the setting sun.

The colors go so well together, and I love the ethereal quality.

It reminded me a bit of a shell as well, so I help that up for comparison. I realize that these random comparisons to flowers or shells or sunsets don't really give you much insight into the color itself, but i guess it's my way of being artsy, and you do get a feel for the soul of the polish. And I say that realizing just how insane it sounds, but I'm really showing you how the polish FEELS to me. This polish just feels like a sunset. And sometimes it feels like a flower or a leaf. And that's really how I see colors in my world. :)

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  1. Most beautiful review ever... Thank you.