Thursday, May 19, 2011

What happens when you cross me, online shopping, and 8 minutes?


Three amazing things happened today in quick succession. I bought two new GORGEOUS Zoya polishes on my way home. My order of OPI Funkey Dunkey and China Glaze First Mate arrived. And so did my Konad stamping intro kit.
I'm going OPI hunting tomorrow, so wanted to leave my nails clear for maximized polish swatching (seriously, how could you buy a polish without even trying it on?!). So I didn't want to do a full manicure, but I was DYING to try out the Konad, and I'm not very good at waiting. So I painted my nails each a different color, and went to town. It's pretty messy since I've never done this before and I didn't really read the directions because I was THAT EXCITED. But I am loving the possibilities here.

First off is one coat of Zoya Ibiza, a gorgeous deep blue with indigo/ultraviolet shimmer. I didn't even try to capture the gorgeousness with the fading sunlight, but it's a beautiful color, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a blue-only post pretty soon, so I'll get better pics. This was the first stamp I did, and it's off-center because I was rushing to get it on the nail. I for some reason thought it had to be applied super quick plus I was psyched, so this was kind of applied between two heart attacks. But overall, I'd say it's not bad for my first Konad. That's from Konad M36 plate which came with the basic stamping kit I bought and stamped on with the white Konad polish.

This one came out a little blurry. It's OPI Funkey Dunkey - two coats, and I should have put three for the color to really show up, but again with the lack of patience - and the houndstooth pattern from my second plate, M63. I am LOVING this pattern. I love houndstooth anyways, and it's great to see it in miniature.

This one is China Glaze First Mate, which I bought because I thought it looked like it was Tardis blue. It does actually, but not with only one coat, which is shown above. This is a pattern from M36, and I didn't really mean for it to be a border, but I like how it turned out.

Thumbnail is Zoya Edyta which I have no CLUE how to pronounce. I bought it because i was craving a gold shimmer and afraid I was going to purchase Chanel's Illusion D'or one night in my sleep on ebay, but this kicked that lemming in the butt. It's gunmetal based and has a strong gold/green shimmer throughout. It's different. But I'm glad to have it in my metallics collection. On top is a stamp from M83 that I think will be another of my favorites. It's like vintage wallpaper.

Finally, we have my experiment. I wasn't sure if you could use non-Konad polish for stamping, so I tried it out. This is the white Konad polish underneath a stamp of First Mate from M63. As you can see, it worked well. I feel like I had to stamp quicker than with the Konad polish, but it went on easily.

Overall, I'm so psyched about my new colors and about the Konad stamps. I bought my stuff from - the "BASIC STAMPING KIT" for $16 which came with M36, a small white polish, and the scraper and stamp; I also bought M63 and M83 for $7 each. Another site I saw had slightly cheaper prices, but this one had free shipping when you spend over $20, so I saved a few bucks in the end. Then I found a coupon code for $7 off of $35. Since I already had $30 of stuff, I added another image plate, M41, and pretty much got it for free. I love a good coupon code. **Happy sigh**. Time to stare at my nails for a few hours until I take it all off before work tomorrow.

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