Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back to Black

I'm not really a black nail polish type of person, so Nfu Oh GS-14 is the perfect black-starter for me. Black with holo glitter! This polish is GORGEOUS. It sparkles in the sun like nothing else, and the glitter is visible enough that it looks like a night sky when you're inside. This was my second Nfu Oh polish, but the first was a disaster, so I'm glad I gave it a second chance. Application for this was fine the first time, but since it's been sitting around for 3 weeks, it seems to have thickened up? It was a little tricky to apply this time around, but it covered well in 2 coats. (Probably could have worked with 1, but because of the application it needed a second). Even though it's chock full of glitter, the finish is nice and smooth after one thick top coat. And the great thing about glitter polishes is that they tend to dry pretty quickly. I am still a little worried about it drying out, so I'll have to keep my eyes open for a remedy to this. Overall, I like this black without-really being black. It's almost a neutral in that you can wear it with anything, and the rainbows add a little punch of excitement.

look at that sparkle!

This is one of those colors that really hits you when you look at it. I actually accidentally saw it under a microscope today, and let me say, the sparkle is to die for even at 10X zoom.

close up

slightly blurry so you can see the rainbows

So much glitter!! This is really chock-full of glitter. The interesting part comes in removal. All of the black rubs off, and the glitter stays on. it's the strangest thing, almost like they took a glitter polish and just added a small layer of black instead of the other way around. Anyways, it's gorgeous.

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