Saturday, June 18, 2011

Caitlin is Wiggin because a Lone Star just Muggins her Delphiniums

So, I have no patience. Which is why I did a purple comparison RIGHT NOW, in the waning sun. From pinky to thumb I have on: Zoya Caitlin, Sally Hansen Delphinium, Butter London Muggins, OPI Rumple's Wiggin', OPI I Vant to Be A-Lone Star. All have 3 coats except for Delphinium which needed 4. So I didn't really expect Caitlin to be very close, but I think it's in the same blue-purple family, Muggins is just a much lighter cousin. Lone Star I threw on last minute because something about it seemed like Muggins to me. The others are light purples, so should be kinda close.

From L to R (pinky to thumb): Caitlin, Delphinium, Muggins, Rumple's Wiggin', Lone Star

From L to R (pinky to thumb): Caitlin, Delphinium, Muggins, Rumple's Wiggin', Lone Star

Here things get a bit tricky because the order changed when I wrapped it around the bottle. The captions under the pictures are right, so just follow those.

From L to R (thumb to pinky): Lone Star, Rumple's Wiggin', Muggins, Delphinium, Caitlin

The closest in tone was Lone Star, which I honestly expected. They're similar colors, but Muggins is definitely purple where Lone Star is blue. But Muggins is blue-toned enough to keep it close.

Top - Lone Star, Bottom - Muggins

The closest color-wise were the three in the middle. Delphinium, and Rumple's Wiggin'. Delphinium is definitely a smidge darker than the other two, but it has the same blue-ness of Muggins. Rumple's Wiggin' is pinker, but the same lightness as Muggins.

Top to Bottom: Delphinium, Muggins, Rumple's Wiggin'

L to R: Rumple's Wiggin', Muggins, Delphinium

Overall, I think this is a good addition. It's a beautiful pale, blue-toned purple, which I apparently don't have. But I do have a lot of other purples that I need to wear, so on to that.

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