Friday, June 24, 2011

Chanel Peridot

So, when I saw the Fall 2011 Chanel nail colors I just KNEW that I loved Peridot. Surprise, it was free shipping from, so I HAD to get it, right? The reason I loved it more than Graphite and Quartz was mainly because it seemed very different. The others are good basics, but not something I haven't seen before. Although, now that I have Peridot, I think they might just do metallic sparkle better than most. This color is gold from direct lighting, and green in indirect, which creates an interesting effect that I think people call duochrome. It's like a jewel beetle. So I of course took pictures from every possible angle. Beware! Picture overload ahead!
The first couple pictures are in sunlight, so it just looks gold with a green tint.

Nothing special right? It's just a very well done gold, but the color seems familiar. That's until you see the real colors underneath the gold. In the shade you get a BAM! hit of green - and I must say, as an August birthday, I am impressed that it actually looks like peridot - and it fades until it's almost blue-green. So overall, the color goes from an almost orange-tinged gold to a green bordering on blue-green. Below a few pics in the shade.

And a few close-ups.

Pretty, right? Overall, I really love the sparkle factor. It's very reminescent of a stone with the multiple facets. I do wish that this were a little more green tinged with gold instead of the reverse, but it's a pretty color, and unlike anything I have. And the green is at the perfect angle for me to see it when I'm typing, so it was SUPER distracting during class. I'm sure the people sitting behind me thought I was hallucinating by the way I was staring at my hands.
I thought I'd start a new thing, which is: "Would I buy it again if my bottle got broken today?" (an actual thought I had today) and my answer would be Yes. It's expensive, and my checking account would probably go on strike, but I would buy it again if I lost or damaged my bottle somehow. And it wore well, too. This is two coats, pretty thin, and I worked the heck out of my nails today. They were scraping tape off of things and got very familiar with the sink, and all I have is a little bit of tip wear. Which is great on a day like today. So, Yes. In the "would buy again if it broke" (WBAIIB? - maybe I need to work on that acronym) category.

Also: because I'm a little insane. Here's a video of Peridot swatch as well. Quality is horrific, but it shows the color. Yay.

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