Monday, June 6, 2011

A Darker Red

So I'm pretty much decked out in fall colors today, and I felt like doing a darker red manicure. So here's OPI From A to Zurich. I like this color for the fall. It's a plummy-toned red, and dark enough that it works with my skintone. I think it'll be perfect around Christmastime because it reminds me of cranberries or holly. (These pictures look a little pink, but in reality it's only slightly plummy)


I'll be honest, I matched this to my shoes. But it's a good sign when you have shoes and nail polish in the same color. And I do so love these shoes.

This red reminds me a little of Zoya's Riley, but it's a little lighter in the sunlight. In the shade they look like dupes, but I think Riley is a little more of a jelly so transparent as opposed to the A To Zurich creme.

sun. On nails - OPI FATZ, inbetween - spoon of Zoya Riley

shade. On nail - OPI FATZ, on spoon - Zoya Riley

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