Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fraken of the Era: Strawberry Milkshake

So I made my first Franken! I got inspired by the wispy pink clouds at sunset the other night, and wanted a nice light pink-tinged white. I was looking at American Apparel's Coney Island, but that seemed a little pinker than I wanted, so I considered adding some white to it, and then just decided I should make my own from scratch. I got a bottle of Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in "White On" which is a basic white with a good brush, and a bottle of Wet 'n Wild Tickled Pink. It was about 7/8 of the bottle of White On, and just a tad of the Tickled Pink. It isn't even empty enough to reach the top line of writing on the Tickled Pink bottle. I ended up with a very light pink, with a heavy white influence. It makes my hands look tan, and I've titled it Strawberry Milkshake, because that's what it reminds me of. A good milkshake made with real strawberries and real cream. Mmmmmmmm.

It took 3-4 coats for full coverage. Some were fine in 3, some needed 4, but coverage wasn't bad considering the quick frankening. This is shown without top or base coat.


3-4 coats of Strawberry Milkshake next to the original Tickled Pink for comparison

A few tips on making Frankens I learned quickly:
1. Make sure the bottle you're mixing in has a good brush. I spent an extra couple of dollars on the nicer bottle of white because it had a better brush.
2. Shake and check the color often. The color on the outside of the bottle is not going to be the same that's in the center/on the brush.
3. Make sure you pour out enough polish to make room for the brush and lid. I made it a tight fit, and when I added the lid, polish started to squeeze out the grooves because it overfilled.
4. It will probably take more color than you think, but add less and more often. You can't take our color once its added.

So I would like to say this is the Franken of the Week, or the Month, or even the Season, but I can't promise that. So this is the Franken of the Era. Until I make another one. With any lucky, it'll be on a regular basis. Until then, there's Strawberry Milkshake, the Franken of the Era.

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