Monday, June 6, 2011

Here to Suede

So when I heard how awesome OPI's Here Today Aragon Tomorrow was, I bought it immediately. This is abotu the same time I was hearing rave reviews of OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. Well it turns out HTAT is more of a black a la green. So I was pretty disappointed because it's gorgeous if you can get it even in one coat (same goes for LPAD), but I'm really bad at applying evenly, so I just can't get it right. Thankfully, they have HTAT Suede! It's all the gorgeous possibility of HTAT, but it's vibrant and - get this - sparkly! It shimmer in the sun like nothing else. It dries fast, and it's gorgeous on its own, but almost dull. So the trick is to apply a top coat. It shines it right up and you get a super-pigmented green. I love this color. I wore it for St. Patrick's day, and it was perfect.

Super green and shiny.

close up

Blurry close up. You can see the different layers of sparkle in this one.

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