Monday, June 13, 2011

High Hopes for China Glaze

So this color is gorgeous. China Glaze - High Hopes. I bought it because I thought it was a bright coral, but now I have no clue if it's pink or coral. Half the time I'm completely certain it's red-orange coral, and then suddenly I would swear it's a hot pink. Either way, it's perfect for summer. The color of a bright flower, but still coral/red enough to look nice for work.

Pink or Red-orange?!


See what I mean? It's halfway pink, and halfway orange-red coral. I love it. Which is strange since I didn't think I liked pink nail polish. I think this is 2 coats (might be 3, I forgot), and application was alright. I don't love the thin China Glaze brush since it means I have to make more swipes to cover a nail, but it does give you a chance to get into all the curves of your nail, which is good. I guess I'm just lazy and like fewer swipes per nail. Wear-wise, this is the first polish I've worn in weeks that actually lasted 48 hours (in the polishes' defenses, I'm pretty hard on my nails), and I worked this one hard, wearing it to the pool and beach. So it was exciting to wake up on a second morning and still be chip-free! This will definitely be a favorite this summer. Great for toes, I'm sure.

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