Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hola Aloha

I bought my first Dior polish recently, yay. Dior Aloha is a gorgeous orange creme, and it applies beautifully. The brush actually reminds me of the Sally Hansen brushes, and application was a breeze. It says to apply two coats, but I did three because there were still a few thin spots after two. It also comes with its own top coat, but I stuck with my classic favorite Essie Good to Go. I was trying to decide between this orange and the Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme, but from what I could tell, Aloha is slightly more red, whereas the LT is a little bit on the yellow side.

Dior goes so well with pearls ;)

Mostly, this color just FELT classy. And a friend with darker skin tone tried it on and it looked great on her as well, so I think it's an orange that works for everyone. As far as wear it was...meh. I don't have much luck in that area, but it lasted a day, which is good.

Orange like a tiger lily

close up

I thought I might only be able to wear this on my toes because it's so bright, but I love it on my fingernails. It seems we're seeing oranges from everywhere for this summer, so this will definitely go with that trend. Definitely a color to wear to the beach, or more fittingly, on a yacht in the Caribbean.

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