Saturday, June 18, 2011

Someone Muggins me, already!

I tried a lot of jokes about being mugged. None really worked. Because people don't usually enjoy being mugged, but Muggins by Butter London is a GORGEOUS polish. So I'd happily let someone Muggins me. It's a pale purple that's blue-toned. I've had it on two days now with minimal wear, which is pretty good for a pastel. I heard bad things about application, people saying that after 4 coats it was still lumpy and streaky. No such thing here. It's gorgeous. This is 4 coats, which it did need because of sheerness (and a little streakiness), but I pretty much expect that from a very light polish. It'll be a little more high maintenance. But it wasn't lumpy at all. Super-smooth self-leveling. It was hard to keep it from pooling in the cuticles, but it didn't look bad. In fact, I love the color.

I said this about Dior Aloha, but this color just feels classy to me. It also reminds me a lot of OPI Rumple's Wiggin', so I'm going to have to do a comparison with my light purples pretty soon (update: purple comparison here because I'm a class-A procrastinator, but only when I want to be). First, some pictures of me pretending to be classy with a teapot. Teapots are classy, right?

Well that was fun.

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