Friday, July 29, 2011

The Crown is mine!

OPI's new Miss Universe mini-collection is gorgeous. But seriously, does anyone else have trouble keeping up with their collections? This summer we already have multiple Serena Glam Slam Duo Packs, an entire shatter collection, a couple Designer Series, the pink/flowers collection, Stranger Tides, Miss Universe, Texas, and Touring America, which comes out next week. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. It's crazy. How do they manage to come up with so many colors?! It's no wonder their quirky polish names sometime miss the mark. I can't imagine naming polishes for a living. After a while it would just become Polish 1B, 1C, 2B,....etc. because my creativity would be dead! So congrats to them. But it's so hard to keep up!
Back to the post. I'm loving this collection. I keep checking my local stores, but they don't have them yet, so I bought this baby off ebay, because I KNEW that it belonged in my stash. It's silver, sparkle, crinkled aluminum foil nails, and it's perfect. There are some swatches of the whole collection over at The Edge of Sanity, but beware because they're all gorgeous.

in the shade

This color is my type of fun. It's just a great time. There are lots of different sizes of silver glitter. The base is micro-glitter, there's hex-glitter throughout, and some large super-hex glitter to top it off. It's a little too thick to be a top coat. It would be hard to see the base color, but could work. I think it's mostly meant to be its own color. This is 3 coats and 2 coat of top coat. It looks like I have rumpled aluminum foil on my nails. And it sparkles! No prismatic effect, but it shines the light right back in your eyes. It looks like there's color in the polish, but that's just the mirror-like silver glitter reflecting my clothes and the surroundings.

close up

I would buy this again if I lost/broke my bottle. It's too much fun. Totally worth the price, and OPI always applies so well on my nails. The Pro-wide Brush was made for me. :)

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  1. That is just fabulous!!! I had never seen that particular polish so thanks so much for sharing!

    Happy Holidays Xxx