Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Yummy Mummy, Katie!

I've done a mini butter London haul over the past couple days. Nordstrom is having a buy 2 - get Yummy Mummy free (both online and in-store), so I tried that on yesterday - mmm pretty and neutral. I promised my nails that I would give them a few days glitter-free to heal up and recover. But then today, I got No More Waity, Katie. Per usual, I painted it on my thumbnail as soon as I got outside - I always ruin perfectly good manis with new polishes that I paint overtop - but surprisingly, these went really well together! Excuse the super-chipped nails. I've been mean to them recently. Lots of glitter and not enough cuticle oil. But all chips/scratches are my fault for not being patient and thorough.
Yummy Mummy wasn't a polish I was lemming. I thought it was pretty, but I'm not exactly a collector of neutrals/nudes, so I was hesitant. I'm glad I have it, because this is a really interesting Mauve. Seriously, one of the colors that comes up when you google image search "mauve" is an exact match. Why I was google searching mauve is another story (I thought vermillion was yellow? and a friend said apuce was green). Anyways, application on this wasn't that great. It was translucent, and didn't self-level, so I needed 3 coats, and a 4th on select nails. It wasn't unbearable, but it wasn't easy. If I'd paid for this, I would probably be a little annoyed. I didn't add a top coat, so that's another reason this looks so beat up in 24 hours (I'm sorry. So lazyyyyyyy. And the top coat was all the way on the other side of the room...). Anyways. Photos!

3 coats of Yummy Mummy - no top coat

close up Yummy Mummy

So a nice, simple nude. A little hidden shimmer in it, which add something extra. It was neutral, and plain, and just what I needed I added purple glitter? No More Waity, Katie and I have history. When I first saw it, I thought it was gorgeous. Then I saw more pics, and didn't like it anymore. Saw it in Ulta, the shopkeeper made a tape swatch for me, disliked it still. And here I am buying it anyways a week later because I am strange. And I really didn't want to like it, because I kind of feel like the name is patronizing. Named after Kate Middleton, it seems strange they named a polish after getting her married off quickly. But it's such an intriguing polish! It's a grey/purple base, but so translucent that you can't really see the base color except in the bottle. And it's just slightly off-colored from the lilac/purple glitter. I like it. In a strange way. And I wasn't sure I would - I kinda bought it for the free travel-sized remover? At least that's what sealed the deal. Again. I'm strange. If you throw in a freebie, I'm hopeless. I just love getting free stuff so much! Luckily I accidentally discovered that it looks awesome over nude. Especially this mauve-y Yummy Mummy. You skip the nail lines, and still get a hint of the translucent gruple (grey-purple) base.

1 coat of NMWK over 3 coats of Yummy Mummy

close up of No More Waity, Katie

in the shade - you can see the shimmer better

full hand

So, I really liked how this turned out. I keep using the word "strange", but I'm kinda at a loss to describe this. It looks like a brown/grey purple from far away. A little closer, and you see the lilac glitter, and closer still, you can tell that it's a glitter layered over mauve/nude. I like it. It's weird, I'm weird throw it together and you have a party! :)


  1. I'm trying really hard to not want NMWK. But, I Love butter, and I love purple, and sparkles. and.. I just think I have to have it! It looks great! :D

  2. Haha. It's a different kind of purple. Like a grey-purple. But still purpley and gorg. Thanks! Luckily you have all fall to get it, as it's coming out on its own!