Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes you just need some glitter

Last Weds everything from school and work just caught up to me and I was feeling kinda low. I needed glitter. I did KOH Platinum Silver! as base, because a rainbow-prismed silver will always cheer me up, and Milani Gems as accent on my ring finger for a little extra oomph. This is one coat of Gems, which is apparently a dupe for Lippmann Happy Birthday and looks a lot like the Ulta Pinyada-yada-yada I picked up the other day. This was perfect to get me through the week. Sometimes all you need is a heavy dose of glitter.

you can see the rainbows in the silver well in this image

My regular routine. OPI Nail Envy, 3 heavy coats of KOH Platinum Silver!, Milani Gems, Seche Vite


  1. The confetti glitter polish is gorgeous. It almost looks like a work of art - just randomly scattered enough to make an impact.

  2. @Fiza, thanks! It just came out that way!