Monday, July 4, 2011

A Very Patriotic Mani

Happy 4th of July!!! My shipment of China Glaze polishes arrived just in time for a red and blue glitter manicure. I became a little obsessed with the Wizard of Ooh-Ahs collection, so this is Dorothy Who? and Ruby Pumps. I knew I'd love the bright red sparkly Ruby Pumps, but I wasn't certain about Dorothy Who?. It's perfect. Blue and sparkly, and just dark enough. Application was super-easy, but I'm not certain how removal would be because the polish kind of fell off. I used a different base coat than normal, but the entire polish just kind of fell off. It was a little strange. Anyways, it was nice not having to deal with taking off glitter-polish, but it would have been better to have it last a little longer. I'll see if it still does that with my normal base. Anyways, pretty sparkles!!! (please excuse the messy cuticles - the pool was calling to me)

These are all 3 coats of polish and one thick coat of Seche Vite. On the red nails I added a coat of star glitter polish from Forever 21. I don't think there was a name of the bottle, but I pretty much bought it just for 4th of July usage. The China Glaze polishes were all the sparkle I could have dreamed.

close-up Dorothy Who?

Dorothy Who? blurred - look at the glitter!

Ruby Pumps close-up

I'm very pleased with the color and shine of the China Glaze polishes. I have a few more to swatch, but it's ugly and raining now. No 4th fireworks, here, I guess. Except on my nails of course :)

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