Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Set Fire to the Rain

It's been a while. Suffice it to say I've just been traveling a lot. Access to emery boards has been hard enough, internet next to impossible. End of excuses. This is Più Mosso!! First let me say how much I LOVE the name of this Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) collection L'oiseau de feu, which means Firebird. Not only does it make me think of a phoenix, but I loved the Russian fairytales about the Firebird, so it's doubly awesome. There are 4 polishes in the collection, inspired by a hurricane and named after musical directions. This is Piú Mosso meaning more movement or faster. According to Ji Baek, owner and creator: “Later, the ominous dark clouds bled into the sky with a fast-moving wind. Piú Mosso is an inky, blue-black that shoots through a flash of orange, the last glow of sunlight.”
So I was pretty in love with this polish from the name and description alone. On top of that it's a navy (one of my favorites) and then the flashes of copper/orange make it special. I got home at lunch yesterday to find it waiting for me, so with 20 minutes until I needed to be back at work I rapidly painted it on and snapped some pictures before heading back, so excuse the slightly messy cuticles. Here are lots of pictures:

the coppery shimmer is pretty obvious in bright light

this is what the color looks like in low lighting. Still a very pretty navy color. And the shimmer is still usually visible, but very subtle in lower lighting

close up

I took a few more pictures that afternoon. This polish reminded me of the rusted roof on our shed, so I took it out there for some artsy shots.

This and the next picture are with flash. Look at the cute little sticker on the side!

I feel like the rust brings out the coppery shimmer in the polish

Overall, I'm in love with Più Mosso. Application was amazing. It was opaque in 1 well-applied coat, but this is 2 because my right hand was a little patchy. It's special, but subtle, and I really enjoy it. I would definitely buy this one again.

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  1. My Piu Mosso and Pizzicato arrived today! Can't wait to get home from work and try them out :) PM looks gorg on you!