Friday, September 2, 2011

Grunge-y Green

I did Rachel's nails again last weekend. According to her, I'm the only one who ever paints them. According to me, everyone around me seems to really want to wear nail polish all the time. I might be slightly delusional. But she still lets me play around with her nails. Win! She was trying to decide between Rescue Beauty Lounge's Grunge - a nude with a tiny hidden shimmer, and American Apparel Malibu Green - a color that suits her so well it's ridiculous - so we did both! Accent nail is Malibu Green, the rest are Grunge.
We went shelling post-hurricane Irene, so here are a lot of pictures with shells!:
I didn't think I would love this combination as much as I do. It was either going to be really strange or really cool. And it loots great. You don't notice that there's nail polish on except for the Malibu Green, and then you notice the Grunge and it shines as well as a nude. It works.
As you can see, Grunge is a slightly purple-y nude. It's pretty simple, but perfectly simple. Malibu Green is fun as well. Green-blue nails. Again, simple and perfect. The brush was a little trickier on the American Apparel - it wanted to hold a lot more polish than I needed - but it leveled pretty well. This is 2 coats of both, and they both applied really well. Again, I'm going to have to steal this look from her. It's great, and fun, and perfect for end of summer/leading into the fall. And a great way to dress up nude nails. :)

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