Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Car-spirations and some other Randomness

Felt like doing something different today, so this is a swatch-free post.
Part 1: Haul! Yay!
So most of my hauls are Nail Mail, and I usually don't take pictures because I'm too excited to rip everything open and start randomly swatching. Plus, then I'd have to acknowledge that I have a problem. But then I discovered that I have a Five Below just down the street! It's been open a few months now, and they sell Funky Fingers, which was a new polish to me, so I snapped up some of the super-glitter ones and then a bunch of other random things.
Apparently Funky Fingers sells for 3/$5, which is just amazing to me, and I'm excited about the 4-pack of purples. :)

Part 2: My car-spirations.
Okay, so...I'm strange. Since my nail obsession started, I have been getting lemmings from car paint finishes...and I take pictures. I'll see a car and think the color would look great as nail polish, so I snap a picture and then go a-hunting for the right color. I think I've actually found some, but any suggestions are of course welcome. It's just random, but I keep having car-paint-job lemmings, so it's an actual thing that's happening now.

I think this one is kind of like Zoya Jem. I actually forgot about this picture. Maybe Jem is a little too pink, though.

I thought that Misa Pour Me Something Tall and Strong would be good for this, but it takes 4 coats to reach anything close to opacity, so alternative suggestions are appreciated.

This was the first car-paint lemming that grabbed me. It really latched on and shook me all around. I think I finally satisfied it with Ulta Alter Ego.

This one is tricky. It's a super-pale yellow, almost white. The closest I have is American Apparel Butter, which is still too yellow, but I'm not certain that this would look good as a polish. But I like the thought of it.

So....does anyone else do this or am I crazy? Thanks, all!


  1. Would Illamasqua - Load, be similar to the last car? :)

  2. lol I work at a card shop and I found the perfect glitter on a card! It was blue with orange and other colours of glitter that I would never mix together. Needless to say I bought the card... will try to franken it one day!

  3. Ooooh. legiolinde, I think it would. I'll have to add that to my list!

    And I never thought about greeting cards! You just opened my mind to a new world of inspiration!

  4. This cracks me up...but only cause I've done this too!!!