Monday, September 5, 2011

Nail Art Challenge: Lyle the Crocodile!

Nail Art Challenge for this Monday was TV, Book, or Movie inspiration. Well I really wanted to do a newsprint manicure, which I've had starred since I saw this post, so I did one of my niece's books. Lyle, Lyle Crocodile was definitely one of my favorite books as a kid. I think it's because he was just a really cool crocodile, but he didn't speak, so I didn't have to worry about the psychological implications of animals communicating to us. I think the newsprint part turned out really well. It was surprisingly simple, and fool-proof. I guess the technique is similar to putting on a temporary tattoo. You just use alcohol (or vodka in my case - my house is more likely to have a blowtorch than Scotch tape, so normal things like rubbing alcohol don't exist here) and the tattoo is any newsprint you can get. I had the marketplace section - eugh - so I found an article about Netflix and grabbed a few small chucks of newsprint. It takes a lot less than you would think, just enough to cover the nail. You dip your finger in the vodka for a few seconds, and then hold the newsprint on for about half a minute. I added a drop or two of vodka to the back of the paper while it was on, to keep it wet, and then you peel off, and voila! There is a walkthrough of steps on the page I linked to above, where I got the idea and tutorial, but that's the basic gist. Now, I'm apparently rubbish with a paintbrush, especially on tiny surfaces like nails, so you'll have to excuse my smeared Lyle on the ring finger. There's a mustard yellow hat for Hector P. Valenti (star of stage and screen) on my left pinky, but I don't have the heart to share it. Here are some pics of the right hand:
just look at that smiling Lyle!
I like him better from the side.... Colors I used are OPI - French Quarter for your Thoughts, and CND Green Scene for the Lyle finger
you can see the inverse Netflix on my thumb! The newsprint was really cool
the closest I could get to a full-hand shot. It gives you the overall look.
I am definitely going to repeat this newsprint manicure. It was simple, I somehow managed to not screw it up, and it looks really cool. It's subtle, so I keep looking down at my nails and doing a double-take, but it's also really artsy and fun looking. Give it a try!! But grab something other than your financial section....


  1. WOW I LOVE the newspaper print! Definitely trying this one out!