Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Newt-y Goodness

I finally bit the $14 bullet and bought myself a Glitter Gal holo a few weeks ago. I ordered Lizard Belly from Llarowe (which I just found out sells A-England for cheaper than the price in pounds - score!). Shipping was very reasonably priced and it shipped and arrived very quickly. Oh, screw it, just get to the pictures already!

A million pics. To express how happy this polish makes me in the sunlight. In the shade you can clearly see the green, and my 5-year-old niece (who dislikes black nail polish) could even tell that it was a subtle green. It's apparently like "Charleston Green" - which describes shutters on the windows in Charleston, SC that look black from a distance, but are green close-up.

So I'd heard that the Glitter Gal Bottles were small, but I must have not been listening, because it was a shock when a mini doll-sized bottle came out of all the packaging. It's a little over half of what normally comes in a bottle, and the design doesn't hide anything. It's very miniature. Here's a comparison with an OPI:
So...small. But it's beautiful. And I'm glad they don't sell it for $28 for a full-sized bottle, because then I'm pretty doubtful it would have worked its way into my collection.

I LOVE this color. It's a great holo, and I keep getting compliments on the color. It also makes me happy because it reminds me of sunny places where those little iridescent-skinned newts or salamanders would crawl all over the walls. In summation, because it's hard to capture the sparkle, and I'm loca, here's a video of the shimmer. Even this doesn't quite capture it, since it's more like what you see in the bottle, but it give you a feeling for the color.


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    LOVE Lizard Belly too BTW!!!

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