Sunday, September 11, 2011

Salty Patch Kids Deluxe

This week's nail challenge was candy themed, so I did Sour Patch Kids! I did a brightly colored textured mani with salt, so it's more of a salty-patch kids mani. This came out pretty chunky, which is the idea since the inspiration is coated in a sour-sugar powdery coating.
image from here
Since they come in four colors, I started off with random nails in Yellow (Zoya Pippa), Green (Essie Pretty Edgy), Red (OPI Color so Hot it Berns), and Orange (Dior Aloha). I then added quick-dry topcoat, and quickly sprinkled salt liberally over the nail. For some reason, in places the salt sunk into the topcoat and is just shiny, but for the most part, you have a nice chunky, broken glass look. I think I'd love to do this again for a snow manicure, since it reminds me of a snow globe. Here's the result:
with flash
close up to show the texture
full hand
There are always more icky greens than any other color, so I made that my thumb ;). I like this, it was easy and I think it's super fun. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be leaving trails of salt everywhere, but I think that's how you ward off evil spirits, so at least I'll be safe. Gosh that was silly. Too much Harry Potter for me. I might have to go out tomorrow and buy myself a bag of Sour Patch Kids since my mouth keeps watering everytime I see my nails. Mmmmm. Yum. Enjoy!


  1. This nail design is awesome! I love how you used salt!

  2. How long did the salt stay attached for before it fell off?

  3. Thanks!! @KB, I removed it because it was rough and catching on things, but it was definitely on there to stay. I lost a few pieces at the start, but everything that stayed was almost glued in place. It did dissolve a bit when I washed my hands a few times, but it still held up through that pretty well.