Monday, October 3, 2011

Giveaway Winners

The giveaway was a success. Winners were Lynn and Courtney, and they have both been contacted. Hope you enjoyed, and keep your eyes peeled for Halloween goodies coming soon!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quickie Giveaway

So, I'm planning a little giveaway, but I want to make sure that I am.....compatible...with Google Docs. (I'm not exactly computer savvy). So this is a pre-giveaway giveaway to make sure that I understand all the ins and outs of the forms. And lucky you all, get to reap the benefits, yay!
Because it's just a tester, it's going to be a quick one, just 48 hours. So all of you who actually read my posts, lucky, lucky, you get prizes!
I'm only opening this to people in the US, sorry to any international followers.
So, 2 prizes, both never used, extra bottles

Prize #1: CND Sapphire Sparkle
I bought two of these babies, planning on doing a giveaway months ago. Well here it is! This is a gorgeous, shimmery topcoat. It really pops over black, but you can try it over blue and purple, or be crazy and do something unexpected. There are some gorgeous pics here: Hands On Colour

Prize #2: OPI Crown Me Already!
I bought this one when it first came out, but I went back later and bought the whole set since it was cheaper than getting the other 3 by themselves after shipping. So here's the Crown Me Already! from that set. I have pictures of that one over here

So there will be 2 winners for this. You can choose which prize you'd prefer, but the second person will get what's leftover. So. Crossing my fingers that this will go smoothly. 48 hours start NOW!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Keep your eyes peeled from some Halloween goodies soon!

Hidden in Plain Sight

Sorry for the post lackage. I moved, yay! Orientation for school was the other day, and we had an outdoor team-building activity, so I decided to do camouflage nails! It was surprisingly easy to do, and I recommend it to anyone interested in nail art, but not necessarily skillful with a tiny paintbrush (ahem, me, ahem). Anyways. I started with 2 coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge, and then layered on Illamasqua Hectic, Finger Paints Scenery Greenery, and Essie Mink Muffs. Basically, start with a nude, and add shades of green and brown. I just used the brushes with the bottles, and it turned out really interesting.
doesn't it look camo-y?

look at the pinky, blending right in!

close-up of thumb

This was a really easy, fun nail art. I think I'm going to try it with pink next time, or maybe blue. It's definitely a winner. Yay