Friday, June 24, 2011

Chanel Peridot

So, when I saw the Fall 2011 Chanel nail colors I just KNEW that I loved Peridot. Surprise, it was free shipping from, so I HAD to get it, right? The reason I loved it more than Graphite and Quartz was mainly because it seemed very different. The others are good basics, but not something I haven't seen before. Although, now that I have Peridot, I think they might just do metallic sparkle better than most. This color is gold from direct lighting, and green in indirect, which creates an interesting effect that I think people call duochrome. It's like a jewel beetle. So I of course took pictures from every possible angle. Beware! Picture overload ahead!
The first couple pictures are in sunlight, so it just looks gold with a green tint.

Nothing special right? It's just a very well done gold, but the color seems familiar. That's until you see the real colors underneath the gold. In the shade you get a BAM! hit of green - and I must say, as an August birthday, I am impressed that it actually looks like peridot - and it fades until it's almost blue-green. So overall, the color goes from an almost orange-tinged gold to a green bordering on blue-green. Below a few pics in the shade.

And a few close-ups.

Pretty, right? Overall, I really love the sparkle factor. It's very reminescent of a stone with the multiple facets. I do wish that this were a little more green tinged with gold instead of the reverse, but it's a pretty color, and unlike anything I have. And the green is at the perfect angle for me to see it when I'm typing, so it was SUPER distracting during class. I'm sure the people sitting behind me thought I was hallucinating by the way I was staring at my hands.
I thought I'd start a new thing, which is: "Would I buy it again if my bottle got broken today?" (an actual thought I had today) and my answer would be Yes. It's expensive, and my checking account would probably go on strike, but I would buy it again if I lost or damaged my bottle somehow. And it wore well, too. This is two coats, pretty thin, and I worked the heck out of my nails today. They were scraping tape off of things and got very familiar with the sink, and all I have is a little bit of tip wear. Which is great on a day like today. So, Yes. In the "would buy again if it broke" (WBAIIB? - maybe I need to work on that acronym) category.

Also: because I'm a little insane. Here's a video of Peridot swatch as well. Quality is horrific, but it shows the color. Yay.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chic-ly Brown

Sally Hansen Commander in Chic today. So I'm on the fence about this color. I can't quite put my finger on why. When I first bought it, I was under the impression that it was purple-toned, but as you can see, it is pretty much a grey-brown. It does look purple against a maroon, but other than that it's just a faded brown.

I don't really DISLIKE it, but it's just not fully there. Maybe I'll feel different in the fall and it'll be a nice smoky brown, but right now it reminds me of chocolate you forgot about which turns white-brown when you find it a year later. Or maybe an Aspen tree on the brown parts. Maybe it needs a grey crackle coat. Either way, this color just didn't do it for me.
Application wise, this is 3 coats. Easy application, but I must have put my thumbnail on too thickly, because it still smeared hours after painting! The rest of the nails were fine, just that one thumbnail. Anyways, I do love the ease of application and removal of these Sally Hansen colors, I just wish this color was a little more....something.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fraken of the Era: Strawberry Milkshake

So I made my first Franken! I got inspired by the wispy pink clouds at sunset the other night, and wanted a nice light pink-tinged white. I was looking at American Apparel's Coney Island, but that seemed a little pinker than I wanted, so I considered adding some white to it, and then just decided I should make my own from scratch. I got a bottle of Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in "White On" which is a basic white with a good brush, and a bottle of Wet 'n Wild Tickled Pink. It was about 7/8 of the bottle of White On, and just a tad of the Tickled Pink. It isn't even empty enough to reach the top line of writing on the Tickled Pink bottle. I ended up with a very light pink, with a heavy white influence. It makes my hands look tan, and I've titled it Strawberry Milkshake, because that's what it reminds me of. A good milkshake made with real strawberries and real cream. Mmmmmmmm.

It took 3-4 coats for full coverage. Some were fine in 3, some needed 4, but coverage wasn't bad considering the quick frankening. This is shown without top or base coat.


3-4 coats of Strawberry Milkshake next to the original Tickled Pink for comparison

A few tips on making Frankens I learned quickly:
1. Make sure the bottle you're mixing in has a good brush. I spent an extra couple of dollars on the nicer bottle of white because it had a better brush.
2. Shake and check the color often. The color on the outside of the bottle is not going to be the same that's in the center/on the brush.
3. Make sure you pour out enough polish to make room for the brush and lid. I made it a tight fit, and when I added the lid, polish started to squeeze out the grooves because it overfilled.
4. It will probably take more color than you think, but add less and more often. You can't take our color once its added.

So I would like to say this is the Franken of the Week, or the Month, or even the Season, but I can't promise that. So this is the Franken of the Era. Until I make another one. With any lucky, it'll be on a regular basis. Until then, there's Strawberry Milkshake, the Franken of the Era.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Limeade

I went into Sally's the other day looking for a teal shimmer/creme, and I walked out with neon green and hot pink polishes. I get distracted easily. Which is fine with me, because China Glaze's In the Lime Light is an amazing neon green with a light shimmer to it. This polish is super-high-maintenance. This is 5 coats, it went on unevenly, and it chipped within 24 hours. Even though I barely wore it, pretty much everyone complimented the color. It's a striking green without washing out the skin tone. It looks like it maybe has a bit of blue in it. But it's a great summer poolside green. However, horrible application. Barely worth it. And not something I'd use if I were trying to keep one summer manicure for a couple days.

Starless Night Sky

Zoya's Ibiza captured me from the moment I saw it. I did have trouble deciding between it and Indigo, which looks like it has the same base, but also has micro-glitter in it. I decided on the simpler Ibiza because I can always add my own coat of glitter ;). It looks like a dark midnight sky. Almost black, but never quite. And there's some strong blue shimmer in sunlight. It's very striking. Dark, but not really vampy because it's a shimmery blue. And not so shiny that it's a pedicure-only polish. This is two coats. Application was fine. I still have trouble with the thin Zoya brushes, so the edges are a little messy. But the color is gorgeous, so I'm fine with it.

There wasn't much sunlight, so it was hard to get a good shot of the blue shimmer. It looks like a dark navy with the same shimmer than you see in the bottle. You can see it some in the second picture. Dark buy with a hint of shimmer to get it taht extra something.


This is going to join my happy and large blue collection.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Caitlin is Wiggin because a Lone Star just Muggins her Delphiniums

So, I have no patience. Which is why I did a purple comparison RIGHT NOW, in the waning sun. From pinky to thumb I have on: Zoya Caitlin, Sally Hansen Delphinium, Butter London Muggins, OPI Rumple's Wiggin', OPI I Vant to Be A-Lone Star. All have 3 coats except for Delphinium which needed 4. So I didn't really expect Caitlin to be very close, but I think it's in the same blue-purple family, Muggins is just a much lighter cousin. Lone Star I threw on last minute because something about it seemed like Muggins to me. The others are light purples, so should be kinda close.

From L to R (pinky to thumb): Caitlin, Delphinium, Muggins, Rumple's Wiggin', Lone Star

From L to R (pinky to thumb): Caitlin, Delphinium, Muggins, Rumple's Wiggin', Lone Star

Here things get a bit tricky because the order changed when I wrapped it around the bottle. The captions under the pictures are right, so just follow those.

From L to R (thumb to pinky): Lone Star, Rumple's Wiggin', Muggins, Delphinium, Caitlin

The closest in tone was Lone Star, which I honestly expected. They're similar colors, but Muggins is definitely purple where Lone Star is blue. But Muggins is blue-toned enough to keep it close.

Top - Lone Star, Bottom - Muggins

The closest color-wise were the three in the middle. Delphinium, and Rumple's Wiggin'. Delphinium is definitely a smidge darker than the other two, but it has the same blue-ness of Muggins. Rumple's Wiggin' is pinker, but the same lightness as Muggins.

Top to Bottom: Delphinium, Muggins, Rumple's Wiggin'

L to R: Rumple's Wiggin', Muggins, Delphinium

Overall, I think this is a good addition. It's a beautiful pale, blue-toned purple, which I apparently don't have. But I do have a lot of other purples that I need to wear, so on to that.

Someone Muggins me, already!

I tried a lot of jokes about being mugged. None really worked. Because people don't usually enjoy being mugged, but Muggins by Butter London is a GORGEOUS polish. So I'd happily let someone Muggins me. It's a pale purple that's blue-toned. I've had it on two days now with minimal wear, which is pretty good for a pastel. I heard bad things about application, people saying that after 4 coats it was still lumpy and streaky. No such thing here. It's gorgeous. This is 4 coats, which it did need because of sheerness (and a little streakiness), but I pretty much expect that from a very light polish. It'll be a little more high maintenance. But it wasn't lumpy at all. Super-smooth self-leveling. It was hard to keep it from pooling in the cuticles, but it didn't look bad. In fact, I love the color.

I said this about Dior Aloha, but this color just feels classy to me. It also reminds me a lot of OPI Rumple's Wiggin', so I'm going to have to do a comparison with my light purples pretty soon (update: purple comparison here because I'm a class-A procrastinator, but only when I want to be). First, some pictures of me pretending to be classy with a teapot. Teapots are classy, right?

Well that was fun.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Calypso Blue

Sally Hansen Calypso Blue today. I felt like I needed some bright blue for summer weather we've been having here. I like this color - it's a blue-green shimmer, and it's teal enough to not be a crazy neon, but colorful enough to be fun. I added a coat of Butter London Henley Regatta on my ring fingers for an extra zing. I think this color would be better on my toes, but the extra glitter makes it work. Glitter always makes things better. Well, except for removal. I really hate removing glitter polish. I feel like I'm sanding down my nail. So I've been looking for good, shiny alternatives and this is one option. It gives you shiny without the extra removal hassle. And It's already lasted 2 days with minimal tip wear, which is nice.

close up

close-up of 3 coats Calypso Blue with 1 coat Henley Regatta glitter

This polish was a breeze to apply. A friend pointed out that these are Sally Hansen "Complete Salon Manicure" polishes, so you shouldn't need a base coat or top coat. So I tried out the no-base coat this time, and I guess we'll see if I needed it in removal if my nails are stained blue (update: we have stainage. It's not terrible, but definitely use a base coat). I did add a coat of top coat of Essie Good to Go because it's habit, so we'll never know, but it's wearing pretty well for not having a base coat. This is 3 coats of polish, and it was pretty opaque. It could have been a 2-coater, but you could still see a little of the nail line, so I went for 3. Overall, I like this. This color is so out there, I can't quite understand why it doesn't wow more on the nail. It's almost like it doesn't have enough to contrast with on the tips of the fingers. I dunno. But it'll be great for summer.

One more pic, shown in the shade

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gold Metallic

So I bought this polish because I heard something about Born Pretty glitters, and I saw they had free shipping, so I grabbed the Gold B38 (B#38 on their website) and about 3 weeks later, here it is! I'm fine with the wait time since shipping was free, also according to the packaging it came from Singapore, so that's not too bad.
My concern with this is I'm not sure what to call it. Apparently the number is B38, and I bought it from Born Pretty, but the bottle says "BO Nail Lacquer", which in the US basically means "smelly". So that's a little strange. Also, instead of a sticker saying "Gold B38" or something like that, it has a sticker that reads "Original Nail Envy" with OPI contact info on it. Which is clearly not true, and a little worrisome. Well, it was a $3 polish, free shipping across the world, and it's pretty, so I guess I'll ignore that somewhere in Singapore someone apparently has a stockpile of OPI Nail Envy stickers.
Moving on. The polish itself is very dainty. It's a gold metallic with silver undertones and a light sprinkling of gold glitter. It's a thin polish, and shown below is 2 coats. it went on smoothly, and has a surprisingly good brush for being a semi-cheap polish. You can still see the nail line, but that's the look I was going for. It's one of those polishes that looks opaque straight on and is translucent from the side or in indirect light.

This is 2 coats. It's pretty translucent in direct sunlight

In the shade, it's more opaque and you can see that it's gold

Just a little bit of shine on the tips

Close up of thumb

Close up of pinkie to show the individual glitter in the polish

It's definitely a different polish, and it manages to be gold without being overwhelming. I think it's a nice light polish when you want something sparkly but not too in-your-face brilliant.

Sparkly Regatta Love

SO I fell in LOVE with Butter London's Henley Regatta. It just looked perfect and gorgeous and everything I ever wanted from a teal polish. And it did not disappoint. I couldn't stop staring at this bottle, and it jumped to the front of my "to wear" group immediately. In some pictures this looked like it was a teal foil, but it's definitely a glitter. It's teal and blue and green in a clear background, but it all blends together to form a gorgeous green-blue color that just pops off your fingers. I couldn't stop staring at my nails all day. It took 4 coats to achieve opacity, but I'm going to try it overtop of black or blue next time and I think it'll add a little zing with only a coat or two.

side view in the sunlight - it's so sparkly!!!

side view in the shade - still so gorgeous.

close up

close-up blurred for maximum glitterage

This was my first Butter London polish, and the brush and bottle shape were fine. As for application, is was a little tricky because it's glitter, but no more than you would expect. It was relatively easy to get glitter in all the nooks and crannies, but it was a little tricky to get it over the tips. In the end, it was a little lumpy, which is why this is shown with two coats of Essie Good To Go to even it out. Which worked fine.

Monday, June 13, 2011

High Hopes for China Glaze

So this color is gorgeous. China Glaze - High Hopes. I bought it because I thought it was a bright coral, but now I have no clue if it's pink or coral. Half the time I'm completely certain it's red-orange coral, and then suddenly I would swear it's a hot pink. Either way, it's perfect for summer. The color of a bright flower, but still coral/red enough to look nice for work.

Pink or Red-orange?!


See what I mean? It's halfway pink, and halfway orange-red coral. I love it. Which is strange since I didn't think I liked pink nail polish. I think this is 2 coats (might be 3, I forgot), and application was alright. I don't love the thin China Glaze brush since it means I have to make more swipes to cover a nail, but it does give you a chance to get into all the curves of your nail, which is good. I guess I'm just lazy and like fewer swipes per nail. Wear-wise, this is the first polish I've worn in weeks that actually lasted 48 hours (in the polishes' defenses, I'm pretty hard on my nails), and I worked this one hard, wearing it to the pool and beach. So it was exciting to wake up on a second morning and still be chip-free! This will definitely be a favorite this summer. Great for toes, I'm sure.